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We listen to your color choices and make your ONE-OF-A-KIND countertop from a local manufacture.

We have a passion for providing quality products from RECYCLED materials.... nature and science in perfect harmony.

Why Choose Envara-stone

The Story Behind Recycled Materials

     Glass and Shell

Envara-Stone recycled glass and shell countertops are custom-made in the USA by a manufacturer in your area.  The versatility of the glass fillers gives manufacturers many options. Glass can be used as a filler behind gel-coat to replicate products that are currently made with cultured marble and granite fillers. Also, recycled glass can be created as a solid surface with uniform appearance, offering unmatched beauty and renewability for years and years to come.


It Just Makes Sense!

Envara-Stone was founded to provide an alternative for counter tops.  It is a superior, cost effective product that is a true value in the market. 

Envara-Stone products withstand the abuse of ageing while remaining useful and pleasing.


Engineered Counter Tops

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